Ivy and the girls push Ken for news of the redundancies. Jerry enjoys doing the housework rather than the yard jobs. Ivy thinks Ken is stalling her on the redundancies. Betty tells Hilda she’s overdoing it and agrees to keep it quiet from Stan that she’s going to the doctors for a tonic. Billy pokes fun at Ray and Len about Jerry’s housekeeping. Betty tells Stan about Hilda’s visit to the doctor. He starts to panic. Stan offers to take on some of Hilda’s workload. She’s grateful but refuses and insists on keeping her appointment at the doctor's. Marcus Berlin tells Ken that 20% of the workers have to go. Ray tells Jerry that Billy is laughing at his domesticity. He takes offence. Hilda discovers Stan has been signed off. She goes for him in the Rovers. Marcus tells Ken that he’s one of the staff that has to go as they will need less management.


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Ivy Tilsley: "There's no such thing as a boss on our side. It's us and them... and you're either one or other."."

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