Hilda, Rita and Mavis speculate on Annie’s wedding outfit. Tricia spreads the news that Ken has been made redundant. Albert nags Ken about his tardiness. He doesn’t tell him he’s out of work. Annie returns from Derby with her wedding outfit that she went to Chester specially for. Betty and Bet wonder what it looks like. Annie tells Billy that Joan is delighted at the news of his wedding. The residents react to the news of Ken's redundancy. Ken mopes round the house. Deirdre thinks Ernie’s sample wedding photographs look too forced and unnatural. Rita sympathises with Ken who feels he’s messed everything up. Deirdre thinks there’s too many guests on the list – 34 on Billy's, 18 on hers. Deirdre is pleased at Billy's "cost-no-object" approach to the wedding and the posh place he’s booked for the reception. Annie asks Blanche to come round so they compare outfits. Hilda tells Albert about Ken’s job loss. He berates Ken for not telling him and thinks he should get his life in order by going back to teaching. Annie shows off her peppermint green dress but Blanche’s is the same colour. Ken tells Len he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Annie tells Bet she won’t change her outfit. The warehouse girls get Ken a pen as a leaving present. Peter arrives unannounced to see Ken, having come from Glasgow on the train by himself. Ken is delighted to see him.


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Ena Sharples: "Weddings hide more skeletons than cupboards and that’s a fact."


Ken Barlow: "I'm an expert at not coping... I always wanted Val to be something that she wasn't... No kids, no wife and now no job. I mean you can’t get a bigger mess than that."

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