Annie is displeased that she has to go shopping for a new dress. Still under the illusion that Billy and Deirdre will be living with her after the wedding, Annie hires Ray to decorate their bedroom. Eddie considers starting his own window cleaning round on the Parkway Estate as Stan doesn't pay him enough even though he does the lion's share of the work. Peter tells Ken that he's being bullied in Glasgow because he doesn't have a father. Tricia is jealous when Gail gets a second interview for an air hostess job. At Deirdre's insistence, Billy puts Annie right about where they'll be living when they're married. Annie is hurt when he says it was his idea as Blanche has two living rooms. Ken tries for an interview with a firm of educational publishers. Peter gets excited when Ken promises to take him to a Manchester United match. Stan and Eddie agree on a 50-50 partnership. Blanche realises that Deirdre is assuming she wants her and Billy to live with her and tells her they can't; it'd be starting off the marriage on the wrong foot with their in-laws. Ken doesn't know what to do about Peter.


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