Billy considers postponing the wedding until he and Deirdre can afford a place of their own. Gail is confident that she'll bag the airline job and starts acting full of herself. Stan and Eddie start their window cleaning partnership. Ken's interview clashes with the Manchester United match. Peter is disappointed and starts to miss Glasgow. Annie tries to bully Blanche into going along with her wedding ideas but Blanche doesn't mind anyway. Annie is shocked to learn that Deirdre and Billy won't be living with her. Now on equal footing with Stan, Eddie tries to crack down on his partner's pub breaks. Deirdre shows interest in the shop flat should Gail and Tricia leave. Peter is upset when the local boys exclude him for being Scottish. Victorious, Annie re-offers Billy and Deirdre a room at the Rovers. Stan and Eddie make a profit on the new estate. Tricia and Gail throw a party to celebrate Gail's success at the airline. Billy plans to ask Len to be his best man, ignoring Annie's preference of Ken. Ken doesn't get the job with the publishers. He agrees to take Peter home and sort out his school. Deirdre and Billy attend the girls' party to check out the flat but leave when Ray turns up. Eddie and Stan find damage to the back gate of No.13 and a sign which reads "Lay off the Parkway Estate or this will happen to your head. Henshaw Bros". Stan is scared of what Bert and Fred Henshaw could do to them.


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