Emily tries to get Stan and Eddie to move their piano but they make excuses. Jerry offers his assistance and shames Eddie into helping. Blanche nags Deirdre into getting her bridal head-dress. Jerry mentions that the yard is full of copper piping. Albert says that he will miss Peter now that Ken has taken him back to Glasgow. Eddie finds Stan skiving in the Kabin cafe. Eddie feels he's got a good idea coming to him. Deirdre is jealous of Gail's chances with the airline. Ray thinks she's getting cold feet about marrying Billy. Minnie and Albert bicker over whose turn it is to buy drinks. Alec Gilroy drops into the Rovers and bumps into Rita. Stan wonders where Eddie is with their £20 round money. Ray tries to wind up Billy about Deirdre. Alec tells Rita he's gone into theatrical agency management and wants her to return to singing. She's intrigued by the thought. Eddie brings an Alsatian guard dog called Fury into the Rovers. It's a guard dog he's bought with the £20 to rent out. Minnie refuses to have him in No.5 and Annie bars him from the pub. Albert agrees to board the animal at No.1 "for a consideration", happy at the thought he'll chase Bobby away. Ray and Jerry refuse to employ Fury at the yard for £5 a night to protect the copper piping. Ernie is pleased at the piano move. Mavis suggests that he could help Rita rehearse. Emily isn't pleased at the idea. Annie worries that Billy is depressed about Deirdre. Eddie breaks into the yard with ease and leaves a message on the typewriter that they need a guard dog. Deirdre is sharp with Billy. He worries that she is having second thoughts and she admits that she feels unsettled. He tells her to sort herself out.


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