Alf asks Billy to go to a car auction with him next week. Billy confides in him that he might be gone by then. Alf thinks he's doing the right thing by leaving. Deirdre thought Billy would agree to play things down for a bit, not finish completely. Alec warns Rita that she'll have to work her way back to the top as she's been away from singing for so long. Stan tries to interest local firms in hiring Fury. Albert bills Stan for Fury's meals. Stan thinks he's been feeding the dog too much and tells him to starve Fury as he'll be a better guard dog. Billy receives a call about the job and books his flight to Jersey. He tells Annie he's leaving Weatherfield. He's glad he's not marrying Deirdre. Annie tells him that she is as well. Billy decides not to tell Deirdre in case it sets her off again. Stan gets Jerry to pay more for Fury as a supermarket has offered him £1.50 a night. Alec's job for Rita and Ernie is an audition spot at the Gatsby Club in Manchester. Billy changes his mind and tells Deirdre he's going to Jersey, alone. After sending a supportive Blanche away, she breaks down.


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Deirdre Hunt: “Why can't life be reasonable instead of marvellous one minute and flippin' 'orrible the next?”

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