Rita gets ready for her audition at the Gatsby Club, telling a dubious Hilda that it's a respectable restaurant. Emily isn't pleased about the audition, saying that playing in such a place isn't in Ernie's style. He's amused to realise that she's jealous of him and Rita. Eddie suggests Rita has Fury as her own personal guard dog. Ray's attempts to wind up Deirdre are stopped in their tracks when he hears the wedding is off. Ray insists to Eddie that Fury is removed from the yard. Ray chats up Rovers' customer Cindy Beswick and her friend. Comic Gig Prince auditions for Ralph Lancaster at the Gatsby while Rita and Ernie await their turn. She sings Nobody Does It Like Me. Minnie tells Ena she's visited Martha Longhurst's grave on the eleventh anniversary of her death. Ray makes a date with Cindy for that night. Hilda and Blanche have a go at Alf when the council puts up the rates by 30%. Ralph likes Rita after she sings Here's That Rainy Day but tells her they have their own pianist. Ernie is down that he's not wanted and Emily tells him she understands his disappointment. He is furious to see the rates' increase. Jerry has a cycle club meeting in the house so Ray has to make different plans for Cindy. Blanche gets Rita to take a moping Deirdre out. Ray takes Cindy to the yard for an evening of passion but she is frightened of Fury. Ernie's friend, Harry Goulden, joins the others in telling Alf of their anger over the rate rise. Alf is sharp with them and Harry suggests forming a ratepayers association to oppose the rise. Ray has a go at Eddie for spoiling his love life. At night, local thief Clarkie breaks into the yard, with a bone for Fury to keep him quiet.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ernest starts his career in showbiz - and gets a shock to begin with…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,188,000 homes (11th place).
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