Ray claims off the insurance. Eddie demands £20 compensation for losing Fury. Blanche is astonished that Deirdre spent three hours in a strange man's hotel room. Ray refuses to pay Eddie a penny. Rita vouches for the men who picked up her and Deirdre but Blanche thinks she has low standards. Annie receives a postcard from Billy and considers visiting in Jersey. Emily is cautious about taking on the council. Blanche calls Deirdre a tramp. When Deirdre criticises her track record, Blanche slaps her. Ernie accuses the council of empire building and inefficiency. Alf calls him a muck-raker. Ray gets at Deirdre over the time she took off to plan a wedding that didn't happen. He rattles her into knocking everything off her desk. Ernie plans a meeting about the rates. Everybody thinks that Alf won't have the guts to attend. Blanche hates herself for hitting Deirdre as she's never done so before. They apologise to each other. The thief leaves a letter at the yard saying he has taken Fury in and only thought to rob the yard because they had a guard dog. Emily is furious when Alf tells the ratepayers to get their facts straight. Ena shames Alf by getting him to condemn a council spending £2,000 on a statue and fountain before telling him that it's in Weatherfield, for the new shopping precinct. Ernie promises Alf a fight.


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Blanche Hunt: "I may 'av been wild and I may 'av been stupid, but I never let meself get picked off the streets by any Tom, Dick or 'Arry. I never let meself get taken back to sordid 'otel bedrooms by complete strangers. I never behaved like a dirty, little tramp!"
Deirdre Hunt: "We've only got your word for that, 'aven't we?"

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