Ray and Maurice Gordon are thrown out of the Gatsby. Rita fears she might lose her job. The residents wonder why Ray was fighting over Deirdre. Deirdre wonders as well. Bet and Betty spend another night in the Rovers. Betty admits she dislikes being there after closing. Bet finds a pair of old-fashioned glasses on the bar. They remind Minnie of ones that Martha Longhurst used to wear. Emily takes Ernie through a rehearsal of his radio interview but he does badly. Ralph Lancaster tells Rita her contract won't be extended at the Gatsby. Ernie hears that his interview will be with a councillor to give him the opportunity to challenge him. Len and Alf denies it will be them. Bet and Betty lock up for the night. Betty worries that the doors aren't locked and checks however she sees something that disturbs her in the darkened snug and hears the voice of a woman talking, mentioning Minnie Caldwell by name, and also 'Our Lily's Wilf'....


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