Betty hears a woman's voice in the snug and tells Bet she saw someone in there wearing the glasses in the middle of the night. They discover the glasses are missing. Ena and Minnie are interested in Betty's story as they think she saw the ghost of Martha Longhurst. Ken is sceptical and tries to explain it away. Deirdre and Ray puzzle about their feelings for each other. Ernie is worried about his radio interview. When he accidentally steps on his glasses and breaks them, it sets him on edge. Albert asks him to enquire about pensions. As Earnshaw has laryngitis, Councillor Garret is interviewed with Ernie instead. Ernie brings up the tractors and Garret can't explain them. While Ernie and his supporters celebrate their apparent victory, Len assures Alf that the tractors were sold last month at a profit and Ernie could be libelled.


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  • Although no scenes are set in the Coronation Street exterior, the end credits are played over a specially-filmed sequence of the Street.
  • Due to recordings being cancelled due to the 1975 ITV strike, no episodes with the Production codes P694/1503, P694/1504 or P694/1505 were ever made. The next episode is therefore numbered Episode 1506.
  • TV Times synopsis: Arguments start over a ghost story.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,718,000 homes (7th place).

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Deirdre Hunt (to Ray Langton): "You've got your guardian angel on that shoulder, and a little devil on t'other, talking in yer ear."


Ray Langton (about Jerry Booth): "He's honest, upright, anybody'd tell you that. Nice lad, big act. That is his number because he's desperate for folk to like 'im. They give 'im a pat on the 'ead. A pat on his 'ead and a load on 'is back. You brought your bike in 'ere this mornin', but did you ask me to fix it? Did you 'eck as like, give it to Jerry, give 'im a pat on 'is 'ead and he'll do a lovely job for ye', you know that. He'll spend half his dinner time, 'e will."

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