Lucille begins hero worshipping Philippa. She dreams about having long legs like her. Billy and Philippa return at 3.00am. Concepta's plans for family picnic are scuppered when Billy tells the Hewitts he's had a bump in the car. Harry goes easy on him as he spends the day repairing the axle. Ken lets Annie read a portion of his manuscript to fact check a chapter set in a pub. Annie is taken aback by its outspokenness. Albert continues taking signatures for his petition, not expecting anything to come of Ena's Royal correspondence. Esther signs it and announces she's leaving the Street to live in a flat in Moor Lane. Ena takes a dislike to Philippa when she recommends face cream to avoid wrinkles. Albert dictates a covering letter to Jack who then posts the petition to the Town Hall. Len and Harry wind Billy up by asking if Philippa was nibbling his ear when he crashed the car. Philippa sets a sunlamp up in the living room. Jack walks in on her half-naked. Ken comes over to collect his book and entertains Philippa while waiting for Annie. He's interested in how she views herself. Frank has something to ask Florrie but backs down when a customer comes in. Annie discovers Philippa has added a load of her own foodstuffs to her order at the shop. The lamp burns the tablecloth and in the confusion that follows, Annie discovers Philippa with her arms around Ken.


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Annie Walker (about Philippa Scopes): "No girl can have a bust that size and still be level-headed."

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