The reception continues; the champagne is handed out while Ray and Deirdre are impatient to get the train to London for their honeymoon. Jerry makes a prepared speech which is interrupted and laughed at, flustering him. Len steps in and makes the toast. The champagne quickly runs out and Eddie goes to the supermarket to get more with Len's money. Annie gets Len's assurance that Deirdre didn't cheat on Billy when she was engaged to him. The Langtons have to cut a cake misspelt with Deirdre's name by Bet. Stan is kept waiting at the hospital and is upset at missing the free drinks. He lights up. Ray and Deirdre try to get away but Ena and Minnie arrive and demand drinks. Deirdre slips home to change. Annie tells Ena she's worried that Billy has left things too late. Hilda tells Jerry she thinks Deirdre is pregnant and get short-shrift from him. Deirdre packs her clothes for the honeymoon with Blanche's good wishes. Rita gives Deirdre the black nightie from Harold Digby for her honeymoon. Ernie prints up his photographs quickly and passes them round. Eddie returns with six more bottles of champagne and the party re-starts. The Langtons miss their next train. A nervous Stan is at last sent for his examination. Ernie plays the piano for a drunken sing-song in the Rovers. Hilda gets tipsy and stops worrying about Stan. Billy rings in the middle of the party. Annie tells him the news. He asks to be passed to Deirdre and he wishes her luck. The Langtons decide not to bother with London until the morning. The radiology machine develops a fault, further delaying Stan. Annie has to call time and demands the partygoer's glasses. Rita puts Blanche up so they can have her house to themselves. Annie has to eject a singing Hilda from the pub. At home, the Langtons are left alone at last.


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