A blissful Ray and Deirdre prepare for breakfast. Len tells Jerry that he'll only give the marriage six months. The Langtons are excited about the fact they don't know each other and have yet to find things out. Ena buys Minnie orangeade instead of milk stout as she thinks she drank too much at the reception. Minnie remembers she has to get Eddie's dinner on and rushes off. Blanche worries what sort of future Deirdre will have with someone like Ray. Ena tells Eddie to leave No.5 as he's too much work for Minnie. Len and Jerry bicker over domestic chores. Len tells him to move in with Betty - immediately. Alf is flattered when Donna Parker, a GPO canteen worker, calls on him and asks for his help. He asks her to call back later as he has a council meeting. The Langtons pack for a picnic. Donna calls back on Alf just as a grinning Len is leaving. The Langtons go to a park for their picnic. Rita agrees that Blanche can stay for another couple of nights to give Ray and Deirdre some space. Donna asks Alf to retrieve a letter for her from the sorting room at the Post Office; she's written to her lover's wife telling her of the affair and asking her to let her husband go. Alf tells her that he can't tamper with the mail. She kisses him for listening to him and being sweet. Len refuses to let Eddie lodge at No.9. Ena calls on Ray and Deirdre with a present of a jam pot as a wedding present from her and Minnie. Eddie wins Len over with his cooking. Remembering his experiences over Lynn Johnson, Len tells Alf to keep away from Donna. Jerry tells Bet that Betty's said she no longer wants a lodger. Minnie hears from Eddie that he's leaving and realises that Ena is behind it. She's furious at her interference. Jerry beds down at the Yard. The next morning, Donna calls on Alf and tells him she fancies him.


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