Donna brings Alf his tea in bed and flatters him about his maturity. Len does some plumbing work at the Rovers which prevents Stan from getting a clean bucket of water. He's depressed to hear the price of beer is going up. Alf enjoys a slap-up breakfast made by Donna. She tells him she can't take his money for the hairdressing business but is going to go to a money-lender instead. He insists she takes it from him or he'll be offended. Emily looks after the Corner Shop whilst Blanche goes to Majorca for a holiday. Ken tells her that he's not going to be volunteering from now onwards, looking after his own needs instead. Hilda upsets Emily when she complains about rising prices in the shop and hints that they don't pay their window-cleaning bills promptly. Mavis has a week off and agrees to help out in the shop for some holiday money, earning her what the Kabin pays her plus £2. Alf fusses round Donna. An annoyed Ernie gives Hilda the outstanding money, telling her that Stan told him there was no rush the last time he saw him. She pockets the £1 herself. Albert complains that Emily and Mavis won't warm up a pie for him in the same way that Blanche would have done. Hilda refuses to hand over the £1 to Stan as she needs it for housekeeping. They worry about rising prices. Len guesses Alf has a woman in his life but Alf himself remains coy. Hilda calls a meeting with Stan to discuss finances. Eddie joins in and she elects herself chair. Alf tells Donna to gets herself dressed in her "glad-rags" but won't say why. Eddie suggests that to beat record inflation they should increase productivity. He suggests a service to clean the inside of the windows as well as the outside and for Hilda to do the extra work. She refuses and gives Stan twenty-four hours to come up with another idea. Alf gives Donna £500 in cash before he takes her out for the night. She looks at the cash avariciously.


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Stan Ogden (about Eddie Yeats): "This lad's on the ball, our Hilda, I'll tell yer."
Hilda Ogden (sarcastically): "Oh, yeah, yeah, a flippin' Epstein, him."

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