Tricia and Gail keep Albert occupied as the residents dress the Street by sitting with him in No.1 and pretending that they're interested in hearing about the First World War. Ernie faces jail if he doesn't pay his rates. Hilda flies a Union Jack from her bedroom window as part of the decorations. When he is summoned to his front door, Albert is astounded by the Street party. Rita is furious when Len kisses her. She refuses to start it all again. A bugler plays "Cookhouse Call" for Albert as Major Blake turns up from the local army depot to wish Albert well along with his old mates Walter Crombie and Fred Brigginshaw turn up. Beattie Pearson is also a guest. The party moves into No.11 where the residents have a sing-song and a whip round to get Albert's Glasgow rail fare together. A touched Albert enjoys the day.


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