Tricia and Gail get dressed in their new short outfits for their bike ride. Jerry prepares his own bike in the yard much to the amusement of Ray and Len. Hilda demands the tandem is returned in the same condition. Blanche feels that her home is no longer her own with Ray and Deirdre there. Eddie is turned on by the sight of the girls' legs but they refuse to let him come along. Ken tells Alf he's given up the computer dating business as he doesn't want all his details put into a machine. The girls are turned off by Jerry's professional cycling outfit and they set off, watched by Ray and Deirdre. Minnie enjoys cooking a meal for Eddie. He's depressed over his lack of success with women. In the hills, the girls struggles to keep up with Jerry. Ray and Deirdre look over flat adverts without any success. Deirdre thinks Annie's idea of a flat within Blanche's house is a good idea. Tricia is exhausted with the steep hills and wants to go home. Jerry joins Gail on the tandem and suggests Tricia returns on his bike in her own time. Ken tells Eddie he would have given him the five women's names from his agency but he burnt them. The Langtons try to persuade Blanche to let them convert the upstairs. Tricia returns by herself and wonders where Gail and Jerry are. Blanche tells Bet she likes being on her own but admits she will say yes but doesn't want them to think she's a pushover. Blanche returns home and agrees to the idea, offering to pay half the cost. Late at night, Tricia admits to Minnie that she's worried as Jerry and Gail still haven't returned.


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  • All location sequences for this episode were conducted on 16mm film.
  • TV Times synopsis: Jerry, Tricia and Gail go on a cycling trip, but only one returns…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,498,000 homes (6th place).
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