A bad-tempered Jerry returns with the wrecked tandem, much to Hilda's consternation. Ray wants to speak to Len and Jerry before deciding whether to do the conversion himself but Deirdre thinks he should do it himself and has a way of persuading him. Jerry's partners are amused when he staggers into the yard with the broken bike, furious that he came back on a milkfloat while Gail went off with a Porsche driver called Nigel to mend the bike's inner tube and never returned for him. Gail tells Tricia that Nigel took her to her Aunty Freda's in Dukinfield. The two row when Tricia doesn't believe her story but Gail worries where Jerry could be. Deirdre asks Len for a favour. Minnie hasn't slept, worrying about Gail and Jerry. Len shows Ray an estimate he's worked out for a job but Ray tells him it's too low. Gail mends the inner tube as a peace offering. She kids Eddie on about the great time she had with Nigel. Ray thinks the estimate should be £50 higher at £300 but guesses it's for his own flat. He refuses to have Len and Jerry work on it though. Eddie takes Gail to see Minnie and calm her nerves and then she goes to the yard to make her peace with Jerry. He's depressed that he's been made a mug of by a bit of a kid and refuses to listen to her apologies. Ray tells Len, Deirdre and Blanche he's doing the job himself with the materials being the only cost. Blanche realises how sneaky her daughter has been. Annie is staying with an ill Betty and has got Alf to look after the Rovers for the night as Bet has refused. Jerry forgives the girls. To prove they're not frightened of the supposed ghost of Martha Longhurst, Len, Ray and Jerry decide to spend the night in the snug. Eddie eavesdrops on their plans.


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  • Ray Langton says Blanche's address is 12 Victoria Street instead of the more-established No.20.
  • The scene on the Grape Street set was recorded on 16mm film.
  • TV Times synopsis: The two missing cyclists return…separately.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,581,000 homes (3rd place).
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