Hilda finds a letter they've received threatening legal action if the rates aren't paid. Annie chooses new kitchen sink fittings from Len. Alf tells Len to forget what he told him about Donna Parker and not interfere in his business. Len rings his contact, Det Sgt Taylor, and arranges to meet him in the Town Hall instead of the Rovers. Betty decides to stand with Ernie and not pay the rates but the Bishops have already paid up. Len meets Taylor and tells him about Alf's trouble without wanting to mentioning his name but Taylor guesses who it is. Mr Stanton of the council calls at No.13 to discuss the rent arrears. Refusing to let him in, Hilda berates him in the street in front of a crowd of cheering warehouse workers as newspaper man Eddie Royle photographs them. On a roll, she leads them into the Rovers for a picture of all the rates' rebels, only to discover everyone else has paid theirs. Len summons Alf to the Town Hall where he's annoyed to see Taylor. He refuses to give him Donna's name. Ray converts Blanche's house into two separate flats. Taylor think he's got a fraud case against Donna but Alf doesn't want to push the matter. Stan thinks something will turn up. The Bishops apologise to the Ogdens for leading them along and embarrassing them. Stanton calls back and suggests the Ogdens apply for benefit but Hilda refuses to have a means test. Jerry offers help with the flat conversion plumbing. Taylor find out who Donna is via the GPO. She tells them the money was a gift. Taylor tells Len they'll keep an eye on her. Rita rings Len to say that she's worried about Mavis's whereabouts; she hasn't been seen after having a date on Saturday.


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