Ena returns and stays with Nellie Bickerstaffe in Pinfold Street. Ray and Deirdre decorate their flat. Mavis doesn't turn up at work. With Len minding The Kabin, Rita finds Mavis at home. It's clear something has upset her but Mavis won't say what it is. Rita tells her that she's behaving like a child. Eddie tries to mend the drift between Ena and Minnie. Minnie doesn't know why Ena is staying with Nellie as they've never got on. Ray completes the flat. Tricia and Gail get Ray to agree to a flatwarming. Rita tells Jerry about Mavis's odd behaviour. Mavis doesn't like Rita and Jerry talking about her. Minnie and Ena make up and Ena agrees to move in with her. Deirdre is annoyed about the party and feels they haven't got any furniture. The Langtons have their first row. Ray is furious when Deirdre tells him that she's bought an expensive coffee table.


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