Mavis is back at The Kabin but jumps when customers walk in. Rita gets her to admit that her date said strange things to her and gave her a lock of hair. She thinks he's been following her. Rita looks in Mavis's handbag to find his details and tells Jerry his name is Brian Collett and he works at Fosters. Deirdre takes possession of her coffee table. Jerry meets Brian at his work and warns him off Mavis. He ends up feeling sorry for Brian as he is obviously lonely. Eddie looks after Michelle Turnbull, a friend's girlfriend. Jerry tells Mavis that Brian won't be bothering her again but says he isn't one of the "dirty raincoat brigade". Mavis thinks men like him should be weeded out. The residents approve the Langtons' flat. Eddie and Michelle gatecrash the party. Bet gets off with Don whilst his friend Steve makes a play for Gail. Ray can't keep his eyes off Michelle and Len and Blanche hit it off. Deirdre stops Michelle in the middle of a striptease and is horrified to see her cigarette has burnt the table. She orders everyone out of the flat.


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