Lucille is unusually helpful about the house. Ena receives a letter from Buckingham Palace telling her that her complaint has been noted. Dennis writes to Philippa telling her that her rival has won a competition in her absence. Annie doesn't think Philippa is right for Billy. Lucille runs errands for Ena to secure her silence. Ena warns the girl that she doesn't take bribes. Minnie spreads the word about Ena's reply from London. The residents celebrate their victory. Albert recognises a brusque elderly customer at the shop but is unable to place her. Harry looks for Lucille. Annie finds her in her living room practising her walk with Philippa and sends her home, where Harry gives her a dressing down for going out covered in makeup. Lucille thinks Ena gave her away but he heard about it from the driver of the bus she travelled on. He bans her from seeing Philippa again. Len flirts heavily with Philippa while working at the Rovers. Frank tells Florrie that the letter from the Palace was just a formality and won't make any difference. Concepta thinks Harry was too tough on Lucille as most girls her age wear makeup. Philippa reads in the newspaper that her rival has landed a part in a film. The woman from the shop, Matilda Grimshaw, hunts Ena down. Minnie and Martha advise her to try the mission but she declines, preferring to wait until she can confront Ena in public.


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  • The door to the Rovers' kitchen, used by Len Fairclough while working at the pub, is adjacent to the hallway door instead of its later-established position on the opposite wall.
  • TV Times synopsis: A strange lady appears in the Street with the light of battle in her eyes.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,738,000 homes (joint 1st place with Episode 153).
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