Episode 1534
Episode 1534
Production code P694/534
ITV transmission date 29th September 1975 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Tim Aspinall
Designer Steve Fineren
Director Ken Grieve
Producer Leslie Duxbury
Previous episode 24th September 1975
Next episode 1st October 1975


Ken is horrified at the state of No.11 when he arrives back home. An angry Rita refuses to give Mavis any money. Ken shows Douglas Marsh the house. Marsh offers him £30 to keep quiet but Ken makes him see that the boys have to be sorted out. Edna Gee celebrates her fortieth birthday. Ena helps clean up No.11 for Ken, roping Ivy, Edna, Tricia and Gail into the task. The lads consider running away after Mr Marsh tries to lay into them with a belt but is stopped by an appalled Ken. Jerry tells Rita that she's cruel, bullying and ungrateful. The Tilsleys and the Gees go out. Edna isn't pleased when her husband Fred flirts with Ivy. Rita has enough of everyone getting at her and decides to leave the area. The lads seek refuge for the night away from their father in the warehouse storeroom where Kevin Marsh leaves a cigarette burning.


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