Annie and Blanche miss the warehouse custom. Tricia and Gail become agents for Weatherfield Heating Bureau, phoning people up canvassing sales. The Bureau installs a phone for them in the flat. Betty tells Emily that Gordon Clegg wishes the fire had wafted over to the other side of the Street so he could get rid of the shop and claim on the insurance. The girls take a while to get the hang of it; Tricia's first caller hangs up on her when she drops her script and is rendered mute, while Gail forgets her own name. Blanche gets Hilda worrying about Stan's diet, telling her that big eaters consume as a substitute for love. Tricia gets a woman interested in the insulation but they only make 50p from each one. Ray warns the girls that the insulation they're selling might be dodgy. Tricia thinks he's only against it as it's competition for Fairclough, Langton and Booth. Ernie thinks of applying for the job of Community Development Officer at the Centre. Alf thinks Ken would be a good choice. Hilda puts Stan on a healthy diet. Ken cooks the Langtons and Blanche a meal at their flat. Alf decides he wants Ena back at the Centre and Ken running it.


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Betty Turpin: "Tell me summat Stanley, is there ever a day passes where you pair don't fall out."
Stan Ogden: "Aye, Sunday. She got flu and lost 'er voice."

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