Ray and Deirdre wonder if Sophie Edwards is right and Betty is Gordon's mother. Hilda hears them talking about it in the Corner Shop. Gordon tells Betty that Sophie gave away their secret. Betty is afraid to go into work but Gordon convinces her to carry on as normal. Ken can't build up any enthusiasm for the Community Development Officer position and wishes it wasn't in Weatherfield. Hilda spreads it around that Gordon is Betty's bastard. She thinks Betty ought to be ashamed but everyone feels sorry for her. Alf gives Ken advice on how to impress the Community Centre committee. Gordon confirms that Betty is his mother to Deirdre and Ray and asks them to keep it to themselves, not realising that the cat is out of the bag. The Community Centre committee interview Ken. Alderman Chapman doesn't like him as he's a taxi driver and doesn't have any relevant qualifications. The rest of the panel are swayed by his ideas for getting people to take an active part in improving their community. Betty arrives for work late and puts on a brave face. The residents pretend they don't know about Gordon for her sake. When Gordon lets her know that people are talking about her, she is upset at the pretence and walks out. Annie sends Bet to console Betty, thinking that Bet will be able to get through to her because of Martin Downes. Ken makes it to the last two candidates. He's up against a highly-qualified southerner favoured by Alderman Chapman. Bet tells Betty she should be proud to have Gordon for a son. Betty decides it's a good thing that everyone knows. She sends a letter to Maggie telling her what's happened. Alf tells Ken that unofficially he has the job.


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Hilda Ogden: "If you want proof, just look at 'is ears."
Bet Lynch: "His what?"
Hilda Ogden: "'is ears, they're just the same as 'ers."

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