Betty isn't ready to go back to work yet; she feels she's lost people's respect. Ken throws himself into his new job, planning a special evening for Bonfire Night. He writes a modern version of the Gunpowder Plot for the local children to perform and hires Emily as his deputy. Albert lends Bessie's old cookery book to Bet but snatches it back when the youngsters laugh at her remedies. Annie grows impatient waiting for Betty to return to the Rovers. Gordon invites Betty to live with him in London. Bet advises her to go as she has nothing to stay in Weatherfield for but she feels she'd be miserable. Gordon tries to talk her round by saying she can come down when she's ready. Deirdre shows off her talent on the mouth organ to prove to Ray that she can play it. Betty decides that living with Gordon wouldn't work for either of them and turns him down as he leaves for London. The kids ignore Ken's show in favour of the bonfires at the Red Rec. Marcus Rothwell, the only boy who turned up, convinces Ken and Emily to mount the play with just the three of them and they act out the story of Guy Fawkes for themselves.


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