Frank Bradley returns to Weatherfield, working for the brewery. Ken is discouraged by the failure of his Gunpowder Plot play and wonders what the community wants. Rita reprimands Mavis for letting customers run up their paper bills and makes her chase them up. Ken meets Janice Berry who runs the youth section of the Centre. Janice fancies Ken and offers to help him in any way she can. Deirdre thinks that she and Ray spend too much money on alcohol. Len receives a phone call from the police. Emily accuses Ernie of being pleased that Ken isn't doing well as he thinks he would have done a better job. Bet is delighted to see Frank as a brewery drayman. He tells her he's doing relief and has been keeping out of trouble since they last saw each other. Mavis only collects £17.14 after dealing with angry customers all day. Ken refuses Ernie's suggestion of musical appreciation classes as they won't attract young people. Hilda starts work cleaning the Centre. Frank asks Bet not to tell the brewery that he's been in prison. Deirdre is interested in Ray's history with Frank. Len returns to the Rovers and breaks the news to Ray that Jerry has died suddenly. Janice warns Mary Broughton off talking to Ken. Frank takes Bet out for a meal and is disappointed when she doesn't let him in her flat afterwards.


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Bet Lynch: "Do you know, I reckon when they pull this place down they'll pull me down with it. I'll disappear in a cloud of brick dust playing "Land of Hope and Glory" on a row of empties with a pickle fork."

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