Annie returns from visiting Billy in Jersey to discover Sean Regan, Concepta's husband is coming over. Ken doesn't know whether or not to believe Mary Broughton. Bet isn't pleased to find Sean staying at the Rovers. Frank Bradley tells Bet he wants their relationship to continue. Janice Berry tells Ken the other girls are jealous of her. Sean makes another pass at Bet. She tells him to leave her alone. Ken discovers Janice elected herself. He arranges a re-election. Sean doesn't like being rejected by Bet. Janice's supporters pressurise the kids. Sean tells Frank that Bet wants to spend the evening with him and not Frank. Frank tells Bet he'll leave her with Sean. Mary is elected youth leader and Janice, humiliated, leaves the Community Centre. Bet pretends to Sean she likes him and lets him kiss her before belting him. She tells him that she's going to write to Concepta and tell her what sort of rat she married.


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