Emily gets Mavis to play Baroness Stoneybroke in the Panto to take her mind off the shoplifting case, not knowing that Rita has cast Annie. Alf tells Len he's seen Ray with a woman in Redmond Road. Tricia is annoyed that she won't have much time to practice her songs. Len confronts Ray who tells him to get knotted. Mavis tries to make amends to the Wheelers by giving them presents for the children but Bob Wheeler throws them back when she refuses to change her statement. Blanche worries Deirdre by asking Ray why he married her. He says he loves her. Annie and Bet don't think much of Alf's lethargic approach to the ugly sister role and help him inject life into the lines. Rita sees an opportunity to get round Annie and asks her to give the cast speech lessons instead of playing Baroness Stoneybroke. Annie graciously steps aside. Deirdre questions Blanche on her attitude towards Ray. Blanche tells her he has another woman. Tricia suggests that the actors mime the songs in the panto as none of them can sing. Mavis decides not to go to court as she feels sorry for the Wheelers. Deirdre asks Ray if he has been unfaithful. He evades the question, asking Deirdre if she thinks he has. She tells him she doesn't.


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