Ray and Deirdre aren't speaking to each other. Deirdre blames Blanche for acting on hearsay and demands to know who told her about Ray's other woman. Rita plans to get Bet to mime to her singing. The Langtons aren't speaking to each other. Ernie doesn't think the cast can pull it off. Rita and Len make Mavis go to court to testify as the case against Eunice Wheeler rests on her statement. Len takes Mavis to court in his van. Ray refuses to tell Deirdre what really went on and leaves her to make up her own mind. Annie coaches Alf on his stage voice, which serves only to make him more muddled. Deirdre tells Len she doesn't think the rumour about Ray is true. Ray calls Pauline Jarvis and asks her to call at the Rovers. Mrs Wheeler gets three months' suspended sentence and is a known shoplifter. Tricia spreads the word that Ray has another woman. Len rows with her. Blanche tells Ray she couldn't turn a blind eye to the rumours and admits she'd rather Deirdre had gone for Billy. Rita tells Mavis to stop being such a wet lettuce over Mrs Wheeler. Ray arranges for Blanche and Deirdre to be in the Rovers when he is there with Pauline Jarvis - his "woman" - who is actually a customer who he took to choose tiles for her bathroom. He tells Deirdre he chose not to tell her the truth as he wasn't asked the right way. Tricia shows Rita she has a black eye, given to her by Deirdre.


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  • During the countdown to the recording of Part 2, the floor manager is heard asking a member of the camera crew if a script is in shot, and is then told that it isn't.
  • TV Times synopsis: Guess who gives Tricia a black eye?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,400,000 homes (14th place).

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Bet Lynch (on the idea of miming to Rita Littlewood's voice): “It's not a bad idea is that, coz then we'd 'av the best of both worlds, wouldn't we? The best voice in Weatherfield and the best pair o' legs.”


Rita Littlewood: “The way some folk go on about it now, you'd think 'ard times 'ad just been invented.”

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