The residents put the last minute touches to the panto. Tricia covers her black eye with an eyepatch. Ena warns Albert about drinking before the dress rehearsal to quash his nerves. He's offended by her insinuation that he can't handle it and gets blind drunk. Hilda receives a call from France informing her that Stan is stranded there as his mate's lorry has broken down and he can't make the panto. Rita and Ernie ask Ray to take Stan's part - one of the ugly sisters - but he turns them down flat. Tricia refuses to speak to Deirdre, on stage or off. Bet talks her round by threatening to break her nose. Albert stops drinking when Ernie suggests it's a coping mechanism for his stage fright. Trevor Ogden arrives, to Hilda's delight. He tells her he had a meeting in Manchester and dropped by to say hello. He apologises for their past differences. Rita panics as Stan won't be back until the entire run of the panto is over and nobody will play his part. Hilda puts herself forward - she knows the lines as she rehearsed Stan in them enough times. Trevor invites Hilda to spend Christmas with the family in Chesterfield.


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Blanche Hunt (to Deirdre Langton): “If your face gets any longer, you'll 'av me trippin' over it.”

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