Rita feels ill after a night out with a man named Rex from London but is due to go out again and invites Bet to go with him instead on a blind date at a posh do at a new motel. The Kabin paper deliveries are wrong and Hilda complains she has been sent a physical culture magazine. Tricia basks in her success after the Panto and is happy that she can keep her costume. Rita tries to bring her down to earth with stories about the rough times of her own show-business career. Through Alf, a small lad asks Tricia for her autograph. Annie lends Bet a mink stole. Annie is pleased to get a phone call from Concepta Regan saying she's at Manchester Airport and is invited to stay, nevertheless she wonders why she's coming. Bet also worries that the visit means trouble about Sean Regan. The Weatherfield Gazette hails Tricia as a rising star in its review which Ken reads out in the Rovers though it also mentions Bet's miming. Len is delighted to see Concepta when she arrives at the pub but she is cold towards Bet when she sees her. Blanche voices her concerns to Ena that Minnie spends too much of her housekeeping on Bobby and gives her a free steak and kidney pie on the proviso that she invites Minnie to tea. Concepta passes on news of Lucille and Christopher but snipes at Bet, worrying Annie. She questions Concepta who spins her a yarn that she's here to see an aunt of Harry's. Bet has her hair done. Concepta tells an angry Bet that she thinks she set her cap at Sean. Rita receives a phone call from Rex to say he's broken his ankle and Bet is saddened to be let down. She perks up when Mavis reminds her it will soon be Leap Year and they'll be able to propose to men.


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