Deirdre tells Blanche that everyone calls Dave a villain. Bet kids Hilda into buying a magazine that gives tips as to how a woman can keep her man. Hilda buys it and tarts herself up to make Stan more interested in her. Emily and Ernie grow nervous at the amount of time that Alf is spending with Dave. Alf tells Dave he has a 50% chance of getting the cash and carry through. Hilda is cross when Stan has to be pushed into making nice comments about her appearance. Deirdre asks Blanche not to go off with Dave as she fears he'll meet someone else and cast her aside. Blanche tells her she wants to marry him. Stan convinces Hilda he loves her. Emily and Ernie try to interest the community in a protest at the cash and carry, marching on the Town Hall if necessary. Deirdre makes her peace with her mother. The residents drink to Blanche and Dave in the Rovers. The two leave for Kenilworth together.


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Blanche Hunt: “If we weren't daft, we'd go potty.”

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