Alf acts out of character, spending more and more money and thinks of taking a winter break. Hilda spreads gossip about him being in cahoots with Dave Smith. Mavis worries about the male model at the art class, preferring to draw a bowl of fruit. Alderman Chapman tells Alf that the council have had an anonymous letter, accusing him of taking a bribe from Dave Smith. The women rush to the art class to see the male model. They are shocked when a fully-clothed Albert turns out to be the model. Alf asks Mavis whether she and Rita have heard what everyone is saying about him. Gail draws Albert nude. Betty tells Alf what people have been saying about him spending money. Mavis wishes she'd gone to the art class when she hears they were drawing Albert. Alf angrily lectures the regulars about their gossip and pins the letter to the dartboard for them all to see. It reads, "Ask Roberts if he can get Dave Smith to get us a new watch and bung us a few quid or is it just for councillors".


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  • This and the previous episode both carried the unusual credit of "Graphics by James Quick" in reference to the drawings at the art class.
  • TV Times synopsis: Which Street character poses as a model for the new art class?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,650,000 homes (7th place).

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