Annie pays for a new TV licence but is made to feel guilty. Rita feels that Len might fall for Donna Parker. Donna asks Len to give her an estimate for extending her Salon. Len begins to fancy Donna. Annie doesn't like Betty disappearing to help at the shop all the time and is sharp with her. Donna tells Len she's going to look for another shop to add to her empire but needs more money. Ray puts the Ogdens on to an electronics genius called Vic Nelson who will mend the TV for £40. Not being able to afford this, Hilda tells Stan to go to the rental shop and come clean. Ray offers Terry a job at the Yard. He agrees to also work at the Rovers at nights until Bet is well. Realising that she might lose her, Annie starts being nice to Betty. Donna tells Len she has £600 of her own to put up in new premises. Len tells Rita that he plans to get the £500 that is Alf's portion back off her.


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