Stan informs the Rental shop that the TV burst into flames. Len tries to convince Donna Parker to rent Rita's flat not Blanches' house. Sid Wilson, the TV man, realises what's happened and tells Stan he owes them £75 to replace the set. Rita tells Donna she'll accept £3,000 - £500 on it in advance. Donna agrees. Terry flaunts his fitness at Ray. Donna gives Rita £500. Alf is called to The Kabin and Len gives him the money in front of Donna. Alf tells them Donna paid back the money a few weeks ago and gave him the digital watch he was showing off as a thank-you present. Donna and Alf storm out and Len and Rita feel guilty.


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Hilda Ogden: "Drop dead, eh Stan? Then get up and do it again."

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