Apprentices Brian Jones and Pete Dawson hang round the Corner Shop and Tricia and Gail. Annie doesn't like the way they run the shop with the radio blaring. Stan tries to fix Ena's radio after he's dropped it. Ena returns for it but the Ogdens manage to put off returning it until later in the day. Ken tries to interest Mavis in returning to the Community Centre's art classes but she refuses. Bet returns to work after being off sick with flu for a couple of weeks. Len agrees to mend the radio for the Ogdens. Annie tells Betty about the girls, the lads and the radio in the shop. Betty checks up on them and warns them about not giving out credit. She is shocked when the girls admit they are still drawing the dole as well as working in the shop, albeit for free food and board and not for wages. After reading in the paper about a man's success in winning various competitions, Hilda decides to enter them herself. The lads return to the shop with their mate Keith Mills who Gail is interested in. They lock up early for lunch to drink and play cards in the back room. Hilda tries to get magazines cheaply from the Kabin to look at their competitions. Salesman Derek Wilton starts work in the area and gets a cup of tea in the Kabin's cafe. Pete refuses to pay for goods at the shop. Tricia goes against Betty's rule and allows him credit. The Ogdens complete their competitions in the Rovers to the residents' amusement. Hilda blags an answer out of Ken. Len can't repair the radio. Hilda overhears Len and Annie discussing rich TV Rental man Ted Wilson being a Mason. Derek chats to Mavis and they are attracted to each other. Ena tells the Ogdens she's going to bill them for repairing the radio. Knowing that the Masons help each other out, Hilda tells Stan to join them.


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