It is Rita's 43rd birthday and she’s depressed at the thought but likes Mavis’s present of a mirror. Derek Wilton calls at The Kabin again. The boys asks for barmcakes on tick from the Corner Shop and kid the girls that they get a monthly bonus on Friday for trips out. Tricia and Gail take this as a sign that their debts will be paid off. Hilda skives off work to enter more competitions, much to Stan’s derision. Bet isn’t pleased to have to complete her Rovers' cleaning in her absence, and under Annie's close supervision. Len and Ken are amused at the thought of Stan joining the Masons. Derek calls into The Kabin again and invites Mavis to lunch at The Crusty Loaf. She is flattered. Gail and Tricia entertain the boys in the back room during their lunch. Tricia is insistent that the tick has to end on Friday and the boys’ debts settled. Derek and Mavis enjoy themselves and arrange a date for Saturday night. They compare their childhood experiences as only-children. Rita warns Mavis that he's probably married. Stan visits the Fullbright Lodge where he discovers that another Mason has to propose him. He gives the idea up. Annie buys Rita a drink for her birthday. Hilda braves the Rovers, although she's supposed to be sick, and tells Betty about the boys coming into the shop at dinnertime, having heard them through the wall. Betty tells her that Gordon is coming up from London to check the books. The girls discover they're owed £26.70 from the tick.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Who's taking Mavis out to lunch? And will Stan's bid to be a freemason come off?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,350,000 homes (9th place).
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