Gordon does the books and sees that the Corner Shop is doing badly. He decides to get rid of the girls. Tricia and Gail beg the boys for the money they owe but get short shrift. Gordon plans to buy the shop off Maggie and give it to Betty. She is overcome. Hilda buys four packets of peanuts for the world cruise competition. Mavis can't give Derek an answer about the Lake District trip, saying it's complicated. Rita is exasperated with her. Emily is livid when the heel on a new pair of shoes she's bought comes off. Gordon overhears the girls arguing with Ken and thinks they're losing him trade. He deducts rent, food and the slate from the girls' wages for three weeks and advises them to return their dole. They tell him they've spent it all. The Ogdens have entered eight competitions during the week. Stan fancies the safari that's the prize in one of them. Betty tells Gordon she doesn't want the shop; the responsibility would be too much for her. Emily gets her money back on the shoes after a struggle. She's amazed and pleased with herself at the fuss she made in the shop. Gordon throws the boys out of the shop. He tells the girls he's putting the shop up for sale. Rita continues to nag Mavis about not making her mind up and tells her when Derek rang at dinner time she declined the trip on her behalf. Gordon leaves for London. The "For Sale" is put up on the shop. Mavis has agreed to go away with Derek, knowing that Rita was fibbing. Hilda wins a competition - a two-minute trolley dash at a delicatessen.


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Hilda Ogden: "You want to see a bit of the world before you die."
Stan Ogden: "Oh, I don’t, no. It’s all sand, isn’t it? Sand and jungle"

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