Annie tells Stan that she thinks trolley dashes are distasteful displays of greed. Ken tries to drum up attendance at the literary appreciation course but only Annie and Alf agree to go. Rita annoys Mavis when she teases her about Derek. Delicatessen owner Mike Nikopolos won’t let Hilda into his shop ahead of the dash to work out the layout of the shelves. Gail and Albert get annoyed when they can’t find a can of sardines in the Corner Shop after the chaos that the Ogdens caused. Deirdre gives Hilda a diagram of the shop that the yard obtained for alterations. Because Hilda has taken all the wrappers off the tins for the competition entry forms, Stan eats dog food by mistake. His back goes suddenly. Hilda rings the shop who agrees that Deirdre can stand in for him after she volunteers her services. Reporter Eddie Royle takes pictures of Deirdre posing before the dash begins. Hilda picks a lot of frozen foods but hasn’t got a freezer. Annie checks with Wendy that she will be including her favourite authors - Austen, Gaskell and the Brontës. The trolley dash gets £107.32 worth of goods. Mavis is delighted to get a brooch from Derek through the post. Deirdre tells Hilda she did the grab for a laugh; she doesn't want any of the goods herself. Gail and Tricia also join the class as its introductory session takes place. Annie tries to push the class away from popular literature. Mike brings the goods to No.13. Stan doesn’t like most of what’s been won. Mike agrees to give the Ogden's £75 and caviare instead of the goods so they can pay the TV bill. Wendy goes back to No.11 with Ken after the class. He confirms he’s separated from Janet. Wendy's pleased.


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  • Unusually for the programme at this time, a scene in the Rovers is shot from opposing angles with the scenery being re-set between takes.
  • TV Times synopsis: It's 'loot the store' day for the Ogdens.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,000,000 homes (3rd place).
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