Wendy Nightingale cooks Ken breakfast. She feels guilty as she's never been unfaithful before. She wonders what Hilda will say about her car being outside all night. Deirdre calls into the Kabin for aspirin, feeling off. Fred plans his move into the Rovers, feeling lucky as he's the only one of his twenty-seven work colleagues to find work after being made redundant. Betty tells Bet to keep her hands off Fred but she makes it clear she's not interested. They agree to pool their tips as they feel Fred will get more than they do. The brewery summons Fred but tell him not to tell Annie. Hilda spreads the news in the pub that Wendy's car was parked outside No.11 all night. Annie, Bet, Betty and Hilda sit down to a coffee to gossip about the implications. Ken tells Wendy he's not bothered about any gossip as she leaves. She makes no firm commitments and tells Ken to just let things happen. Richard Cresswell gets information from Warren Coates about Fred before he meets him in his office. He tells Fred that they view Annie as a friend and want to make sure that she's looked after. Annie is annoyed when Bet says she misses Stan at dinnertimes. Ena reminds Annie that it was Albert who raised the alarm when Les Grimes and Neil Foxall broke in and she unbars him. The regulars successfully get her to do the same with Stan. Rita asks Ray what's wrong with Deirdre but he denies knowing anything. Ken meets Wendy in Manchester. She asks him not to rush her but promises to call in on the way home. Cresswell calls into the Rovers and tells Annie that they care about her very much and he's therefore vetted Fred. Wendy tells Ken that Roger's coming home but she's staying with friends. He tells her that he thinks he loves her. She refuses to stay the night but says she'll see him again as she's carrying on the lectures, asking for more time to think. When a drunk, Arnie Tossell, pesters Bet and Rita, Fred evicts him. Deirdre asks Ray to leave the pub and come home. When he tries to put off doing so, she bursts into tears.


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