Deirdre is off with Rita when she calls into the Kabin. Rita asks Len for a chat that night in her flat and asks him round for 7.00pm. Deirdre won’t let Ray touch her. She confesses to a headache and he tells her to call in sick at the yard but otherwise can’t get through to her. Bet calls but she refuses to go out with her to town. Once she’s gone though, she nips out herself. Rita speaks to someone on the phone who’s eager for her to do something quickly. Bet knocks on Carlos’s flat and finds a new occupant - Tom Russell, who’s got the room as Carlos has gone back to Spain. Ray comes home for his dinner and finds Deirdre gone. Len calls and sees that something is wrong with him. He takes him out for a drink. As the day ends, Rita prepares a special meal for Len. She tells Mavis she needs a spot of advice from him. Bet offers Tom a glass of wine and they settle down to chat and get to know each other. Ray is bored watching University Challenge and can’t get conversation out of a silent Deirdre. Len arrives at Rita's and is surprised to find a meal prepared. He thinks he’s in for a nice night with someone who is “normal” and has no problems but Rita tells him not to bank on it. Ray demands to know from Deirdre where she spent the afternoon but she refuses to tell him. Bet and Tom talk about places in the world and she shows him her photos of Majorca. Rita makes it quite clear to Len that their evening isn’t going to end up in bed. Tom admits he’s married with two children but he’s left them for good. Rita tells Len she’s had a proposal of marriage. Tom has gone and an upset Bet prepares to go out. Ray pushes Deirdre to talk. She yells back at him that she’s pregnant. He’s delighted but she breaks down in tears.


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