Bet leaves her flat and goes out. She calls at The Kabin but Mavis, in the middle of doing the VAT return, tells her that Rita isn’t available as she is with Len. Bet has no option but to return home. Deirdre has calmed down and can’t contact the doctor to find out if her test is definitely positive. She and Ray look forward to being parents but he insists that she gives up work and that they need a bigger place to live in. He’s calm but happy at the prospect and she admits that she’s chuffed too. Rita tells Len that her proposal comes from Harry Bates. He’s got a divorce and fancies marrying her and she fancies him too. Len tells her he can’t advise her as it’s a personal matter to her. Harry is now a site foreman and marriage will give Terry a settled home. Len doesn’t think she’ll go through with it. Bet returns and calls on Tom Russell. She invites him round to share a half bottle of whisky. Ray returns home with a celebratory drink to the news that the doctor has rung to say it was a false alarm. Deirdre admits she’s disappointed as she got herself excited at the thought. They both feel a bit flat. Tom tells Bet about his dead marriage and how he wants to start trying to find romance again. She tells him that he has little chance of meeting a girl of his dreams and to go back to his family. Sat with Len, Rita starts to talk herself out of marriage, thinking that she’s satisfied with all that she’s got. Len tells her he never got married again because of sheer inertia but he’s also happy with his lot. He asks her if she’s definitely going to marry Harry and she shakes her head. Deirdre thinks of what might have been as Bet settles down for another night in bed alone.


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