Ernie spends the night at Len's house. Elsie grows tired of having to flatter Merchandising Manager Roy Thornley. Stan picks 'The Western Desert' for his next round in the Superbrain contest. The Council raps Alf for being at the Gatsby Club. Ena advises Emily to stick by Ernie. Tricia and Gail both ask Elsie for the assistant's job at Sylvia's Separates. Emily dumps Ernie's clothes at Len's. Ernie apologises to Emily and asks if they can start again. She agrees. Elsie decides to take Tricia on but the girls toss a coin and Gail wins.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Elsie's getting a new assistant - but who will it be?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,700,000 homes (4th place).
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