Deirdre wonders who Len has taken out when Elsie, Rita and Bet are all in the Rovers. Annie gives Elsie a letter from Newcastle for her via the Rovers. Derek and Mavis have a romantic time together. Terry agrees to move into the flat so long as he keeps his independence. Rita, Bet and Elsie hit the town together. Rita phones Mavis and asks her to stay the night and do the morning papers. The women pick up a couple of Reps - Neville Radd and George MacDonald. They take them back to No.11. Elsie reads the girls Alan's letter; he wants to know if they have a future together. To Mavis' delight Derek kisses her and refuses to apologise. He leaves the car with her, shakes her hand and takes a taxi home. She cries as she wanted him to stay the night with her.


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