Terry paints over the "Clegg"'s sign. The day arrives for Gail to vacate the flat but she has nowhere else to go. Renee tells her that she to go as it's a condition of her bank loan that the flat is vacant. Mavis is furious to discover Rita set her and Derek up. Renee becomes the legal owner of the shop. Eddie Yeats returns to area with his friend Monkey Gibbons from Walton Jail. No one is happy to see him. The new shop sign reads "Renee Bradshaw". Elsie takes Gail in as a lodger despite her better judgement. As Minnie is away at Handel Gartside's, Eddie is homeless. Ray tells him Ken is away and No.11 is empty. He and Monkey break in whilst Elsie and Gail are at the pictures seeing Jaws. They return home to find Eddie and Monkey in Elsie's bed.


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