The residents tell Ken that Albert doesn't encourage them to take an interest in his affairs so they don't. Albert goes off and Ken searches for him. Ken finds Albert at the allotment. Albert tells him the Council are taking it off him because he's too old to look after it. Renee accuses Emily of reporting her as she's religious. Ken pays Albert's electricity bill. Albert tells him people don't give a toss about old folk. Ken tells Alf he's changed his mind - he wants to stay on. Gail tells Renee it was Tricia who reported her. Renee apologises to Emily. She tells Emily she only wants to make friends with everyone. Emily gives her advice on running a shop. Ken asks the men to help Albert on his allotment. Ray gives Annie a £25 deposit for the party. Deirdre finds out and is furious and tells him to get the money back.


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