Bertha Lumley doesn't let Albert forget £50 of the winnings is hers. Vera tries to get Fred to skive off work. He refuses but agrees to see her for the night. Annie agrees to him entertaining her for a meal and promises to be discreet. Ernie receives £17.50 a week social, plus the interest on his mortgage. He discovers he owes £100 VAT. He and Emily clear out and close the Camera Shop. Eddie chats Vera up. She lets him buy her four gins before getting ready for her date with Fred. Albert plans to go to Glasgow and treat Peter and Susan. He is worried that Bertha is after him. Annie is horrified that Fred's lady friend is the common Vera. She decides to play gooseberry. Bertha's daughter, Freda Todd, tells Albert she's always getting off with men at bingo and her dad has threatened to kill the next one.


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Ray Langton (about Vera Duckworth): "I'm told she's anybody's for the price of a gin."

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