Episode 161
Production code P228/161
ITV transmission date 27th June 1962 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Richard Everitt
Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 25th June 1962
Next episode 2nd July 1962


Nellie Fairclough worries when Len doesn't return all night. Sheila reveals that her father is retiring and that the family is moving to the country. She doesn't want to go and is delighted when Doreen suggests they get a flat. Ena thinks Len has spent the night with Elsie. Harry finds Len in the loft after eighteen hours. Swindley is troubled by his female tenant who entertains male friends a lot. Doreen and Sheila persuade Florrie to let them have her vacant flat above the shop. Len tells Elsie that Bill Gregory is returning.


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