Elsie doesn't know if she should tell Gail that Roy Thornley is married. Emily finds the hospital exhausting. Elsie tells Gail about Roy's family but she doesn't believe her. Annie is annoyed when Hilda broadcasts the fact that it's her birthday. Elsie gives Roy the message from his wife in front of Gail. He tells Gail it was only a game - what did she expect? She gives him back his bracelet but he tells her he can't give her back her virginity. A young man arrives at the Rovers, wears thick spectacles and drinks several pints before saying that he is there to take Annie on her first driving lesson. It then transpires that he is a friend of Eddie's called Cliff Humphries who he called in in an attempt to set up an unamused Annie. Eddie does a paper round at The Kabin. Instructor Don Grady gives Annie her first proper lesson, to the residents' amusement.


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