Annie and Alf are stunned after their crash. Alf blames Annie, she blames Terry and he blames Albert who has disappeared. Hilda lays into Alf when she finds the cart under his car. Eddie disciplines the kids by tickling them. He gets an old car for the playground. Fred searches for the dog after the crash. Hilda claims £50 damages from Annie and Fred. Albert goes to Glasgow when Hilda threatens to sue him for letting the dog loose. Ken decides that Eddie should be paid for his work. Len organises a meeting to sort out Hilda's claims. The parents tell Ken they don't want Eddie being near their children because of his criminal record and threaten to go over his head.


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  • The scenes in the adventure playground were recorded on OB cameras in the same yard that contained the Grape Street set, specifically on the ground behind the frontage of the Mark Brittain Warehouse.
  • TV Times synopsis: Everybody's blaming everybody else over Annie's car crash…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,191,000 homes (9th place).
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